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About Rental

QIs there anything I need to prepare beforehand?

ANo, please feel free to come. All necessary items such as Kimono, Obi (belt),Nagajuban(underclothe), Japanese pouch, Tabi(socks) are all included. In winter, it is suggested that you wear low-necked thermal underwear(tank top) or leggings to come.

QHow long does it take to complete the dressing of Kimono with hairdo?

AIt differs from individual to individual. Generally, it takes about 40 min. (10 min to pick up Kimono, 15 min to dress up, 15 min to make hairdo separately) However, it is crowded in spring and autumn, so you’d better left some buffer time as suggested.
※If you spend too much time picking up Kimonos, the order of dressing may be changed.

QAre there sizes for men’s Kimono?

AYes, we offer men’s Kimonos suitable for men who are 160cm~185cm tall.
※For those who are over than 185cm, the length of the Kimono is probably not enough so that the ankles may be seen.
※If you cannot fit it Kimono by any means, it is fine for you to refuse rental.
※The amount of the Kimono suitable for 185cm tall is limited. It is suggested that you make a reservation in advance.

QIs there any limit on hip width?

The limit of hip width for women is up to 110cm and for men is up to 120cm.A

QCan I store my luggage?

ACertainly, you can leave your luggage except for valuables here for free, and you have to pick it up by 17:30 on that day.

QAre hair ornaments included?

ACertainly. Hair ornaments are included in the price.

QCan I choose my hair style?

APlease refer to the photos with simple samples we offer. You can choose to wear your hair up or down and how you would like your bangs.

QBy what time do I need to return the Kimono?

APlease return it by 16:30 if you rent it before 13:00 and by 17:30 if you rent it after 13:00.
If you cannot return it in time, please choose the next-day return, and then you can return it the next day. (9:00~16:30)

QCan I bring my own Kimono?

ASure, it is available for you to bring your own Kimono with all the necessaries and then be dressed up in our store. Also, you can rent the necessaries in our shop for additional charge.
Please make a phone call at +81-75-748-7117(Fushimi Inari) or +81-774-39-8085(Uji Byodoin) before making a reservation.

QWhat time is available?

APlease check the reservation system as below.

QWhat can I do if it is bitter cold outside?

AYou can rent shawl for free and rent Haori (Japanese Kimono jacket) for 500 yen (+tax). Just inform the receptionist if you need it. Also, it is suggested that you wear low-necked thermal underwear or leggings to come.

About Reservation

QHow do I make a reservation?

AYou can make it online or by telephone, but only when you book online can you use the discount coupon.

QHow far in advance should I make a reservation?

APlease make it by the day before the reservation.
※For those who want to wear their own Kimonos, please make a phone call beforehand.

QCan I change the reservation date and content?

ASure, please contact us by 10:00 the day before the reservation.

QCan I change the number of people?

ASure, please contact us by 10:00 the day before the reservation.

About Cancellation

QWhen is the deadline if I want to cancel my reservation?

APlease contact us by e-mail or phone by the day before the reservation.
In case of email, the cancellation is done only when you receive the reply mail.

QIs there a cancellation fee?

AIf you do not cancel your reservation in time, a cancellation fee will be charged.

About Payment

QDo you accept credit cards?

ASorry, we only accept cash.